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Join the Board Staff

Admittedly this early on a lot of staff isn't my main priority, but if at all you're interested in joining the board's staff leave an application here.

Format the application as follows
Why do you want to join the staff?
Any relevant information:

Of course, no positions are currently open but if they do I'll contact existing applicants first.

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Re: Join the Board Staff

Well if for some reason you want me on board emoticon

I want to join the staff because I'm on Runboard a lot so would be around to help moderate a lot. I like to keep boards running strong where I can be helpful - by deleting spam, saying if the rules have been violated, etc. I wouldn't correct typos or the like but, again, I'd try to help the best I could.
There isn't much relevant information besides that when I'm not on vacation I'm on Runboard more than twice a day.

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