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Speculation - Corbyn Reshuffle

An interesting read. Do you think Benn and the Eagles could be removed? The unity Shadow Cabinet was a good idea in theory, with Corbynites, Blairites, Moderates and everyone in between, but the last few months prove when you have the Shadow Foreign Secretary and the Leader of the Opposition contradicting each other within a few spaces, when the Shadow Chancellor goes on radio comparing Benn to Blair (bearing in mind McDonnell really dislikes Blair) and the Leader's best friend making a mental health joke directed at a Shadow Minister who had suffered with Mental Health problems it's obviously not working.

But at the same time, air strikes was a free vote. Removing Benn and the Eagles for going against Corbyn in a free vote does seem to contradict the "nice kind of politics" he's being going on about.

And a Miliband return? Would it 'just' be Energy and Climate Change? When Hague returned to the Shadow Cabinet he got Foreign Affairs, IDS got Work and Pensions in government and Howard was mentioned for Justice apparently in the 2012 reshuffle, admittedly just a rumour.

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