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Dream Cabinet - British Edition

This is a game I've played with a few friends when we want to see how far we can stretch the meaning of the word fun. It's simple. Some unknown accident has happened and you've became King/Queen of the UK. A few MPs have sadly died in the accident and they've been replaced in by-elections as have a few members of the House of Lords and they've been added to.

You, as King/Queen, get to choose a Prime Minister to unite the country in this time of crisis. You also appoint the PM's cabinet. The rule is you can have any currently living British politician.

For those who aren't aware of the composition of the British Cabinet - ]This might help you. If you are aware, feel free to modify/exclude/combine a number of offices if you're feeling risky. You can have no more than 35 people in your cabinet. Have it cross-party, dominated by one party or all one party its up to you. I'll probably produce mine in a short while.

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